Our Vision
Children are naturally curious and energetic in their thinking. Their worlds are filled with countless opportunities for creative experiences and self-discovery. Through these experiences, children are able to build intellectual and social skills in a way that is relevant to each individual child.

KidsAndBeyond's vision is to develop applications and content that are stimulating, creative, interactive, and accessible to all children, regardless of style or pace of learning. Through these applications, we focus on early educational skills, while still presenting content that is child-centered, thereby allowing the child to acquire knowledge through self-discovery. Our applications appeal to children by:
  • being sensitive to multiculturalism
  • encouraging and cultivating close relationships between children and families
  • providing opportunities for exploration thereby encouraging children to push their thinking and discovery skills past what is simple
  • challenging them to make meaningful connections to the ideas presented in our applications.
Our Team
We have assembled a global and well rounded team which consists of the following people:
  • Educators who understand child psychology, and the types of content that appeal to children on a global basis. These educators are trained in leading educational institutions, and are experienced teachers of preschool through high school. In addition, we also have a team of educators who work in learning and development for K-12 educators, administrators, school board members.
  • Animators, illustrators, and asset creators that bring characters, illustrations, and sceneries that are appealing to children.
  • Musical team that is able to integrate sound based on the theme and mood of the content presented in the application.
  • A technology team that is able to develop apps at a fast pace to the ever changing tablet and smartphone marketplace.
  • Marketing team that is poised to take advantage of various social marketing tools that are available to promote the content to a global audience.
  • Management team that has built successful companies multiple times.